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The MCX(Multi Commodity Exchange of India) is commodity derivatives exchange that provides services like online trading, provide a platform for risk management. The Exchange runs under the rules and regulations of SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). MCX offers trading in commodity derivatives which include bullion, industrial metals, energy and agricultural commodities. India’s first exchange to offer commodity options. MCX is India’s popular commodity derivatives exchange traded in H1, FY 2018. It has been continuously boosting up the level through strong research and development, smart use of information and technology, modernization.

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A commodity is a brand having financial value that can be made, bought, sold, and consumed. Options For Commodity Trading in India are National Commodity and Derivative Exchange, the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd and the National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. All three have online trading and payment systems and presence in India. MCX Live is best website to Get MCX live rates of top Commodities. The Commodities Market is categorized into International and Indian Market. MCX Live will keep you updated about the latest price of the Global Commodities goods like GLS(SPOT Gold), SIS(SPOT Silver), GL(Gold), SL(Silver), COP(Copper), ALU(Aluminium), CR(Crude Oil), LD(Lead), ZN(Zinc), NIK(Nickel), NG(Natural Gas), MO etc. We also provide live rates of MCX Silver, MCX Crude Oil, MCX Gold, MCX Natural Gas, MCX Aluminum, MCX Copper, MCX Lead, MCX Zinc, MCX Nickel, Precious Metals, Base Metals, Bullion and Energy. MCX Live is updated every second for your convenience and also provide you live currency updates.